Hey, Ninja Writer!

Forget winter. NaNoWriMo is coming! Are you ready?

Ninja Writers is hosting a NaNo Prep giveaway in September. THREE lucky winners will each get:

  • A copy of the newest edition of Christopher Vogel’s book The Writer’s Journey. (This book is my personal favorite and the new edition has some good updates.) ($22 value)
  • Our favorite Pomodoro Technique timer. ($15 value)
  • Our favorite notebook. ($15 value)
  • Chocolate. Enough said. ($10 value)
  • And a full YEAR of the Ninja Writers Club. Already a member? We’ll add a year to your membership. ($200 value)

Click this link to join. Be sure to share the magic link you’ll get after you do with your writer friends. You’ll help spread the word about Ninja Writers AND get extra entries in the giveaway when they sign up.