Hey Ninjas!

We are so totally stoked to be pulling back the curtain and rolling out the red carpet for the Ninja Writers Brag Board!

Our Ninja Writers are doing such great things! We want to brag about their accomplishments, big and small. Responses are reviewed and chosen by the Ninja Writers team and posted on the website each month based on the previous month’s responses.

Without further ado, here’s what some of our Ninjas accomplished over the past month:

I got my first Freelance gig! --Adrienne Parkhurst

I finished a short story and submitted it to Clarkesworld Magazine. :) Still waiting for word on if it's accepted or not. --Samuel Kauffman

Noon in Florida, my collection of 12 pieces of flash fiction, is live on Amazon! I've been working on it in the awesome Self-Publishing Workshop. Thousands of thanks to Shaunta, Jackson, Meg, Juneta, and everybody else for the help and encouragement along the way. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08ZM94KJH/--Jim Latham

I was picked to be the Sparked Ink writer for March in Paper Poetry. https://medium.com/paper-poetry/in-her-own-place-k...--Katie Michaelson

Last month I made $1,000 on Medium. This month I slacked off and didn't write everyday and will only make $400. --Manny Oitko

My article about the origin of the phrase "balls to the wall" made Page 1 of the Google search for "where does the expression balls to the wall came from?" https://medium.com/exploring-history/balls-to-the-... --Jim Latham

I created a medium account https://wendyswriting22.medium.com/, posted blogs, and linked it to my new webpage www.wendyswriting.com. Join my newsletter and be the first non-relative! --Wendy Snyder

Kudos to all of you from the Ninja Writers team! Keep up the great work.

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