Hey Ninjas!

We are so totally stoked to once again be pulling back the curtain and rolling out the red carpet for the Ninja Writers Brag Board!

Our Ninja Writers are doing such great things! We want to brag about their accomplishments, big and small. Responses are reviewed and chosen by the Ninja Writers team and posted on the website each month based on the previous month’s responses.

Without further ado, here’s what some of our Ninjas accomplished over the past month:

Lindsay Redifer

My podcast episode aired this week! Please check out the podcast 20K Hertz. My episode is called Synesthesia and you can listen to it here: https://www.20k.org/episodes. You can also find it on iTunes, Spotify, or wherever you get your audio.

Marilyn Flower

Pat Flynn mentioned our podcast, STOMP! STOMP stands for Stronger Together on Middle-Pause in his awesome webinar on Podcasting!!!

Anne Springer

I have a substack newsletter up and running for my writing, including announcing my current project. https://annespringer.substack.com/ I have 2 dozen subscribers. Next goal, 3 dozen.

Simon Henderson

I’ve been writing 750+ words per day for about three months, only missing my target on two days over Christmas (but still wrote). And approaching 100 followers on Medium after publishing for only a few months. Made my first 7 cents in December ;) https://homesickkiwi.medium.com/

Lisa McCombs

My latest YA novel won a Gold Medal Moms Favorite Award last week.https://store.momschoiceawards.com/index.php?entry_id=10466

Cynthia Early

I have developed my character's in my book called: The Lost Frontier

Shelly Stewart

I finished the first draft of my MG novel, The Gateway Chronicles which I've been working on for over 4 years. I also finished the first draft of my children's book, Angie, Bear and Charlie.

Debbie Walker

I googled Debbie Walker on Middle-Pause and Mrs. Google answered me back and read my info as the top featured snippet! Woo-Hoo!! For some reason, the link won't populate here. Thanks, ya'll!


$3.30 on Medium in January! I can get a medium black coffee at Dunkin!!

Vanessa L.

I received a LinkedIn text from Professor Emily Williams at the University of Pittsburgh, Bradford. She'd read my medium article "Just a Reminder: The Confederate Lost the War." As a result, she asked me to lead a lecture and discussion over Zoom for students and professors as part of their Black History Month program! I was so honored!

Kudos to all of you from the Ninja Writers team! Keep up the great work.

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