Hey Ninjas!

We are so totally stoked to be pulling back the curtain and rolling out the red carpet for the first Ninja Writers Brag Board!

Our Ninja Writers are doing such great things! We want to brag about their accomplishments, big and small. Responses are reviewed and chosen by the Ninja Writers team and posted on the website each month based on the previous month’s responses.

Without further ado, here’s what some of our Ninjas accomplished over the past month:

Manasi Kudtarkar

"My first article, How I Reset Myself to Mental Clarity and Cleaned Up My Habits, was published in Better Humans. Curated in Productivity, Mental Health, Mindfulness and Lifestyle. Totally stoked."

Sarah Terzo

"I finished the first draft of my nonfiction book! Now comes the editing, and then hopefully self-publishing. This is my very first book so it's a big milestone for me. I am hoping there will be more."

Ariel Barrios

"I finished my first chapbook! I will be submitting it to a contest soon :)"

Nicole Brown

"Hit publish for the first time on Medium! My poem, The Necklace Super stoked!!"

Debra McElroy

"Had my first viral article! 430K+ views and 34K+ reads! On Newsbreak, Never Say These 5 Things to a Woman in a Bar."

Debbie Walker

"Over the past year, I built a team of 4 committed women to the Middle-Pause Cause; we have over 70 writers & 500 followers & published more than 320 articles; we created the podcast, STOMP!, rebranded ourselves as MiddlePauseMedia, and changed the logo and colors."


"Finished my latest novel (83,087 words) in two weeks. It was my Christmas challenge."

Juneta Key

"Finished my short story collection, Magic Born or Magic Cursed? Available on Amazon on January 3rd, 2021."

Kudos to all of you from the Ninja Writers team! Keep up the great work.

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