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February’s theme, for Ninja Writers, is productivity. Read down to the bottom for our monthly book, habit, and goal.

I have a love-hate relationship with the word ‘productivity.’

It means, of course, ‘the state or quality of producing something.’ Pretty straight forward. But it’s also a seriously loaded word.

Especially right now. Especially during the pandemic. The main excuse for not being productive — we’re too busy with a day job we hate or obligations that yank us away from what we want to produce — has been stripped away for many people.

We’re stuck at home. Maybe we have at least the illusion of more time than we can bear. The time we used to spend going to the movies, eating out, shopping, hanging out with friends and family.

Doing literally anything other than being at home.

I remember last spring hearing the idea that if anyone comes out of this ordeal without having written their book or started their business or learned a new language or whatever, then they were out of excuses.

It was all on them.

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