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Photo by Prophsee Journals on Unsplash Be the designer of your world and not merely the consumer of it.
— James Clear, Atomic Habits

James Clear’s book Atomic Habits was one of my favorite reads of 2020. I am so drawn to the idea of the little things we do that are far bigger on the inside than they are on the outside.

Atomic Habits, no joke, are like TARDIS habits, right? They are way more than they appear to be.

I’m taking a class with Crescent Dragonwagon right now and yesterday she talked about ‘relentless incrementalism.’ That’s just a pretty way of saying — do a thing and keep doing it, over and over and over.

Here’s a perfect example: Write for ten minutes every day for the rest of your life and see what happens. (Hint: you’ll be a writer.) That’s relentless incrementilism.

I’ve been thinking about habits I want to relentlessly incrementalize in 2021 and some that I already practice that aren’t serving me very well. Here’s what I came up with.

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