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Photo by Regine Tholen on Unsplash

I have a mild (okay, major) stationary addiction. I’m pretty much a junkie.

Over the next couple of days, I thought I’d share some of my favorites with you. Let’s start with writing utensils.


I love writing with a pencil. Really love. Only I’m pretty snobby about them. Not just any pencil will do.

I like that using pencils helps me deal with any anxiety about messing up. Just erase away any mistakes. I also just love the way a pencil feels — kind of sketchy and nostalgic.

I like a regular wooden pencil that I need to sharpen. I don’t have a favorite mechanical pencil, because I don’t ever use them.

Number One: Blackwing Palimino

My absolute favorite pencil is the Blackwing Palimino. My brother, Kyle, sent me a box of them two years ago as a gift and I’ve been careful about using them. And keeping track of them. I have two left, plus several at different levels of used up, and it’s about time for me to order a new box.

These pencils write so smooth, with just the right darkness. Plus, they make me feel fancy.

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